PWA Code Generator

Generate files to convert a website into a progressive web app.

example of pwa install link
Used by app stores or browsers on startup screens and prompts.
Display the app name to the user within the icon.
Primary domain where assets will originate.
Page used when the progressive web app opens. Omitting this often causes the raw manifest file to appear.
The preferred display mode for the website.
Provides additional context about the app.
The preferred display mode for the website.
Used by some browsers to tint the status bar, address bar, and other parts of the browser user interface.
Tells the browser what color to use on the startup splash screen that users will see when they launch your app.
This is the url for when the app is offline. It is cached so needs to be a static page.

Select an image that is square and at least 512x512 pixles. Ideally it will be a transparent png or have a white background. Allow enough padding to crop into a circle.